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  • Is the finished product slippery?
    Depending on the treatment surface that you choose as a customer, the coating may be slippery when wet. Our products can be slip resistant to a degree, but we recommend that you proceed with caution and diligence when walking with certain footwear.
  • What is the approximate curing time?
    The coating will typically be cured enough for foot traffic after 24 hours. For larger objects such as lawnmowers and refrigerators, we recommend 48 hours. We typically recommend that you stay off the floor for a full 72 hours, but the full curing process can take up to a full week.
  • How long does a job typically take?
    Typically, a job will take 2 days from start to finish of the coating process. Factors that can cause longer time frame include colder temperatures or other weather changes, concrete repair time, or unforeseen circumstances such as unexpected moisture accumulation, etc.
  • Do I need to clear out my garage?
    Yes. Our grinding and coating crews focus on the preparation of your floor as our first priority. Although our floor grinders are attached to vacuums and we make dust mitigation a high priority, our team is unable to guarantee that the process will be 100% dust-free.
  • How do I maintain the coated floor?
    Once the job is complete, maintaining the condition of the floor is very similar to everyday house cleaning. Use minimal amounts of soap with hot water, and ensure no soap or chemical residue is left behind. Feel free to use tools like mops, brooms, vacuums and blowers.
  • How long will the product last?
    Division One offers a standard five-year warranty on all floor coatings unless otherwise noted to the customer, but our floor coatings typically last much longer than that. Proper care of the surface and following our cleaning guidelines will allow you to enjoy the floor for many, many years.


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